Walk it out

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Carl Sagan

Hey friend!

How’s your day been?  I’m a little bummed summer is over BUT, the good thing about that… is FALL!  Pretty excited for fall; college football season, fall colors, fall weather & BOOT SEASON!  Yes, I’m so ready for fall.  🙂  Don’t mind this boot lover over here.

One thing I love to do in the fall is go walking.  Yep, not jogging, but straight up, good old fashion walking.  I like doing it after a good work out or after a long day!  It let’s me take in my surroundings and really think about life.  I love it!  Throw on some headphones & play some good music! It’s so calm & relaxing, at least to me it is!

When I was in Arkansas, I took advantage of those steep hills & went walking with my mom and aunt almost every morning, walking & chatting away! <3

I wore an EXTREMELY comfortable outfit on this morning!







Similar nike top/ capri pants/ shoes -a new version (SO COMFORTABLE!)/ hat/ yoga mat, water bottle.

I hope ya’ll have a fantastic evening!  Why don’t you end your day with a nice walk?  Talk to you very soon!




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    1. Thank you!! Yes it really is so therapeutic! I should look into getting a fitbit. It’d be good to know steps and what not!

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