Northern lights

“If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.” Dolly Parton

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We’re still melting over here in Texas.  This humidity is no joke. On the plus side, I heard it’s good for your skin but don’t quote me on that!

Alright, guess what. Fall is coming!!  Are you excited?  I read that the first day of autumn is September 22!  Here’s a random thought, do you say fall or autumn?  Just curious.  I say fall but I think I like the way Autumn sounds.  Autumn.  Anyway…

Now, I know this isn’t a fall dress but I couldn’t resist.  I debated whether to even talk about it but it’s just too pretty to not share, so here it is!  I give you, northern lights.







Northern Lights Maxi Dress

If I had my own clothing line, you could bet your bottom dollar it would have colorful things like this with magical names.  I can’t get over this name, “Northern lights.”  Gahh I love it! I’m just a sucker for things with fun names.  Alright, I hope you have an amazing week & I will talk to you very soon. Exciting things to come!



All photos by Samantha Rodriguez. She’s amazing!


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