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Hope ya’ll had a good Mother’s day! I hope you enjoy this party planning post! So if you don’t know, my best friend is getting married (!!!!!!) & I had the honor of throwing her a bridal shower! If you’re throwing a party and want some ideas, read along! I hope I can help! …apparently I’m ‘hoping,’ a lot. lol

Now, party planning is something I really like to do, ESPECIALLY when it’s my best friend. I started planing months in advance, jotting down ideas and making lists of things to get, etc.  You guys… I was over the moon excited about this. I love this girl so much. This bridal shower had to be PERFECT. The theme in my head was glitter, pink, white and classy.  Needless to say, etsy & pinterest became my best friend.

Let’s start at the beginning, here are the invitations I sent out. I had the seller print them and mail them to me! They were perfect. Now here are pictures of the big day!

I saw this on pinterest and LOVED the idea. All I did was buy a flower bouquet at Michael’s, tulle & white ribbon. I wrapped the tulle around the bouquet then tied it all together with ribbon. Then, I tied a bow with more ribbon. This looked so pretty  from the street.

I told everyone to bring their favorite recipe on a note card for our bride & had them put it in this little pink box. I also had a little book in the back for the ladies to jot down words of wisdom for the bride. In the VERY back towards the right, you’ll see a tall, white flower vase. This is what everyone signed instead of a guess book. When it was over I put pink flowers in it for the bride to take home. Mr & Mrs stand and the photo frame were from Francesca’s. They had LOTS of fun wedding decor.
I rented round tables from a local rental place. I actually bought the polyester table cloths from here for around 4 bucks each! I googled a good length to get for the specific tables I was renting so they would hang at a good length I liked. I bought the center pieces in large from this etsy store! They’re beautiful and they do not shed glitter! I bought fake flowers from Michael’s to put in them.

The photo booth! Believe it or not, this is actually a shower curtain. It looked AMAZING in the background of the girls. For our bride’s bachelorette party I used the same curtain but flipped it upside down to change it up. I bought it on sale here. I bought the photo stand here for a great price!! I purchased the props on amazon. 🙂 They have lots!

These little glass flower stand center pieces, I made! All from the dollar store. The pink tulle on the chandelier is from Party City. The paper flowers on the windows in the back, I also made. Let me know if ya’ll would like tutorials on the flower center pieces and paper flowers!

This amazing cake was from Hummingbird Bakery. They’re absolutely amazing. The flat white cake stand was from Home Goods. Mr & Mrs stand was purchased at Francesca’s.
Juice bar! We had tea, water, a peach & raspberry moscato punch (recipe from pinterest) and of course, mimosas! My mom actually had all this glassware from collecting it over time. It was put to good use!
The plastic plates and food stands are all from Party City! They were perfect! We took mason jars, wrapped tulle around them and put the forks & knives in them!
We served a spinach & feta pastry we found at Sam’s in the frozen aisle. It was a hit! We also served waffles and chicken salad sandwiches. When I say we, I mean mom & I. 🙂 There were also wedding cookies and champagne soaked gummy bears!
Party Favors! I bought the template from etsy, cut it out and tied sparkly string from target around plastic bags & stuck the cookies inside.
These amazing wedding dress cookies were also from Hummingbird Bakery.

For games, we played three! Guess how many kisses are in the kiss jar, what did the groom say about his bride, & do they match (asked them both the same questions to see how many times their answers matched)! All games found on pinterest. 🙂 The winners won these little personalized wine glasses with the bride to be and groom’s name on them, as well as their wedding date with a saying, “Love, laughter & happily ever after.”

I also had everyone write their address on blank letter envelopes so the bride would already have their addresses on envelopes for thank you letters. She also received blank thank you letters to use from me.

I also bought a snap chat filter for the day! Snap chat has fun templates to use and you can personalize them. Just make sure you do it at least 48hrs in advance since it has to get approved. Google how to buy snap chat filters for events! It’s awesome.

So that’s all I can think of right now! I hope I didn’t forget anything… lol shout out to mom for helping me & letting me transform the house into a bridal shower wonderland! I hope ya’ll got some possible ideas! Let me know what ya think. Alrighty, talk to you soon!



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