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I hope everyone is having a magnificently, magical Sunday!  Today my Sunday will be filled with reading, music & family; the best kind of Sunday in my book!

Side note: recently I discovered an Italian pianist/composer who I’m slowly but surely, becoming obsessed with.  Ludovico Einaudi!  Look him up if you’re into that kind of stuff!  Amazing.  The song “Life,” is my favorite.  Might have to convince someone to fly to Europe with me to catch one of his concerts.  Any takers?!


ANYWAY!  On to the good stuff!  I think this outfit is so perfect for summer and EXPLORING.  I felt like I was on vacation & about to go on an adventure while wearing this, apparently shoe-less!

Random fact: if I’m outside, I LOVE being barefoot.  I would say it makes me feel closer to nature but I know that sounds super cheesy, so let’s pretend I didn’t say it!  Removing the cheesiness for ya. 😉

Linking everything below!



Please let’s take a moment & recognize my cat (bottom right) looking FREAKED OUT!  I can’t stop laughing.  Photo bomb!  DSC00490


DSC00495 New book I’m about to read.  Heard great things!

Haha!  Still there. Alright she looks evil here. I promise she’s not!  …Great now you probably can’t stop looking at her!  Sorry ya’ll!


Important stuff: Top/Shorts/Hat/Earrings/Barefoot Sandals (Perfect for the beach/pool & can also be worn on top of flip flops or other sandals)

Happy Sunday ya’ll!  Have an amazing evening & keep dreaming.




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