Good friends & good shoes!

“If you don’t think shoes are important, just ask Dorothy and Cinderella.” Anon

Hello friends!

Recently, I had the pleasure of getting to collaborate with a REALLY good friend of mine, the Dallas Mama Blog. I have known Melissa for a longgggg time. We used to have fun sleep overs as kids! She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet & her son Max is absolutely ADORABLE! I can’t thank her enough for collabing with me. IT WAS SO FUN!

Today is about shoes! OH the power of shoes. They have such an effect on an outfit. They can really take an outfit and dress it up or down.

In this post, you’ll see Melissa & I take one outfit and let our shoes completely transform it. It’s magical. haha 🙂

Links to my shoes and outfit will be below! Go to Melissa’s blog to check out her outfit details! 🙂

The cutest boy!

Summer shoes are so fun to shop for. I can’t wait to pair these shoes with more outfits!

Melissa’s shoes were insanely cute and perfect for summer! Her Steve Madden sandals with the pearl studs are mezmorizing! She says they’re incredibly comfortable so we all know thats a major plus!

Her wedges remind me of those Marc Fisher shoes!! I will definitely be looking into those! Find all her outfit and shoe details on her blog.

Here are my details:

I adore these Sandals! They are so fun and really stand out on any outfit. When I’m running out the door with just blue jean shorts and a plain T, these will really add to my outfit. You can also get crafty with the long straps. Little pom poms are quickly becoming my favorite thing.

These heels are from TARGET! Yes. Go get them now! They remind me of Valentino shoes! You need them. They really dress up an outfit and don’t cost an arm and a leg. They were also super comfortable for me with the thick heel.


Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m currently sitting in the airport waiting to bored my next flight to Spain!!!!!! I can’t believe it. Wish me luck! If you haven’t seen my Facebook page, I uploaded a youtube video! agh! I’m nervous about it lol It’s a summer clothing Haul! I found some really cute tops for amazing prices. Watch it here!

I will talk to you very soon! Venture on over to the Dallas Mama blog and send her some love! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs for more fun outfits! Thanks for reading! Talk to you very soon.



*Special thanks to these amazing ladies!

Photographer: Anne Fontana

Creative Photography Director: Cristina Villarreal

Dallas Mama Blog instagram: Melissa

Instagram: Carolineburciaga
Snapchat: clinetb
Pinterest: @carolineburciaga
Twitter: @CarolineBrciaga

Youtube: Caroline Burciaga

Facebook: Caroline Burciaga



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  2. I love to wear the fashionable shoe in my fashionable dress. This shoe is perfect for my new dress. I will definitely go with this. Thank you so much for sharing the lovely piece of your blog. Will come back soon.

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