My Favorite Romper

Hey ya’ll!

I hope everyone is having an amazingggggg summer so far!  We’re melting over here in Texas but honestly… it could be worse, soooo can’t complain!  Hey guess what! I’m done with summer classes.  YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!  This means I’ll be posting twice a week now, and not all fashiony girly stuff I might add.  I have some fun stuff in mind. 😉  Stay tuned!

Alright, let’s talk fashion!  This romper… [dramatic pause] … IS THE BEST!!


When it comes to fashion, I am all about that CC rule; comfy & cute.  These days I haven’t had a lot of luck in that department… but then the clouds opened up. 🙂


TA-DAAAAH.  Ok what’s amazing about this romper is that it can be worn lots of different ways!  You can crisscross the front or wear it like I am and get crafty with the straps. Ya’ll, this fabric is soooo buttery soft & a little fashion tape goes a longggg way with this.



Dress it up with some wedges & cute jewelry or dress it down with summer sandals & a ponytail; I’ve done both!  It also comes in different colors.  Find it here!  If you sign up for Lulu’s emails you can get 10% off your first order.  Spice up your summer!

Talk to you soon!


P.S. Come back Wednesday!


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All Photos by Samantha Rodriguez

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A fairy tale gown


This dress is like a dream.







Isn’t it dreamy?!

This is perfect to wear to a summer wedding, a nice dinner, you name it!  Dress it up; dress is down.  I did hem it up! This dress is pure magic!  I have never found a more elegant dress that was this comfortable.  Want to feel like a princess?  Wear this and let your imagination fly!  Let’s all just be princesses for a day, shall we?  Find the dress here.

Forever dreaming,


Photos by: Samantha Rodriguez

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I love yellow!

Hi loves!

I hope everyone is having a fannnntastic day!  Did you catch my first post last week!?  If not be sure to check it out here! I’ve got some great design ideas & exciting things up my sleeve so stay tuned!

Alright let’s get down to business.  The dress.  Ok have you ever seen a 10 dollar dress look so cute?!  This is a yellow crew neck scalloped hem dress & yep it’s on sale for 10 dollars.  Take a look…


Yellow Dress

Let’s talk about this for a second… I stumbled upon this dress on the SheIn website.  I took a risk; ordered it & it fit perfectly!  Don’t you just love those moments.  This dress can stretch & isn’t the kind of material that clings to your every curve.  It’s super comfy!  I’ve linked the exact dress above!





Let’s talk accessories!  I think yellow and turquoise should just get married.  You can find my earrings here and you can find my bracelet ON SALE here.  I’ve had this clutch from Agaci for ages!  You can find others I like, here and here.


I wore this outfit to church this morning with a light sweater.  Had way too much fun wearing this today!

Background story:
So I used to avoid wearing the color yellow AT ALL COSTS.  Not neon yellow just normal good ole yellow… & yes they’re different!  haha I just remember thinking I’d never be able to pull it off.  Sighhh.  It sucked b/c yellow is such a fun & happy color!  I was 100% sure it’d make me look… just bad. (dumb I know)  The only thing yellow looked good on was the Sun!  haha :]

ANYWAY, years & years go by and nothing yellow EVER finds it’s way into my closet.  Lo & behold!  UNTIL one fine sunny day, one of my friends wore a yellow top.  (DUN DUN DUNNNN)  Here’s what came out of my mouth, “ALRIGHT. YOU LOOK AMAZING! IS THAT YELLOW?! I can’t stand next to you.”  haha!  (Major girl moment)  It completely brought out her features & agh!  (no words)  Of course she looked at me like I was crazy & maybe I was, but you guys… she looked stunning.

Long story short- I finally bought something yellow & have loved wearing yellow ever since.  It just makes me happy!  Sometimes it’s hard to see beauty in ourselves & we think we can’t “pull off,” something.  Here’s how we fix that… who cares.  haha WHO CARES!?  If you want to wear it, wear it.  Life’s too short for that!  I hate that it took someone wearing a color I love for me to finally say, “whatever I love this color, I’m wearing it & I don’t care if society says I can’t pull it off!”  So hah!  Here’s me in yellow.  🙂


Be brave!  Throw on some color for summer!  Hey… let’s all just add a dash of color to life now shall we? :]  I’m all about bright colors.  Get ready!  See ya next week!



P.S. Happy Father’s Day!!


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