Be Present

This is an entry from my journal I wrote a week ago.  Sometimes I don’t know who I’m writing to.  Some entries it seems like I’m talking to myself, sometimes to God, sometimes to other people.  I just write what comes to mind, it’s fun!  After some thought I wanted to share what I wrote on that day with you.

“Looking outside, I can’t get over how beautiful today is.  God is an amazing painter.  The colors are absolutely hypnotizing.  I had to just stop what I was doing just to take a moment and be…

One thing I love to do is watch the clouds move across the sky.  When’s the last time I did that?  Look at the sky.  I can’t think about tomorrow or yesterday.  Only today.  What you have, who you love, who loves you, where you are.  Don’t think about where you want to be.  Think about the now.  Be grateful.  Be happy.

Take a deep breath in.  Take time to appreciate your surroundings, the Earth & all its wonders.  Look at the colors in the sky for a moment.  Just simply, be.  Life’s too short to be so wrapped up in other things.  Will what you’re doing now matter as much once you’re gone?  Will it make a difference.  Are you doing it for a future that isn’t guaranteed?  Take some time & just be present.  Come back down to the now and smile.  Breathe.  Watch the clouds move.  Feel the wind.  Get out of your head & be present.”

I think I often forget that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.  Often we’re all so focused on the future & it can be devastating missing the present.  Be enchanted.  Today won’t ever comeback.  Sometimes I would stop, take a breath and take in the now, but most of the time… I just didn’t.  I would go days w/o noticing a sunset or noticing the wind.  The little things.

Let the little things make you smile, like they’re meant to & don’t take one single breath for granted.

Finally, here is a snapshot of what stopped me in my place that day…


I hope today, you take it all in; everything.  Have an amazing day ya’ll!




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