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“Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown & stay sweet on the inside.” -anon

Hey guys!

Ok, so you saw the bridal shower, now I want you to see the bachelorette weekend getaway! I hope you can get more party ideas, whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette or just a fun weekend!

For my best friend’s bachelorette party, we went to the river! This is something we both love to do. I can’t tell you how much fun it was! Just see for yourself! Watch here.

Shout out to all the girls that helped me!! Ya’ll are the best.

Below are the darling details:

We rented a huge barn-dominium in New Braunfels, TX through airbnb. It was able to fit all 19 of us. As you could see on the video, it was incredible.

Decorations: most were bought from party city.

I bought this before & after sign on amazon! (After is on the back)

I used the same photo booth from the bridal shower, but flipped the curtain upside down for the light pink pattern. See it at the bridal shower here.

Each girl received a party bag. Inside was a gold bride tribe tattoo, a pineapple hair tie (Katelyn has a thing for pineapples lol), a personalized glass with the bride & groom’s name and wedding date on it, & a pink bride tribe koozie. Everything was found on etsy! There are TONS of great bachelorette goodies on there!

Friday was game night.

We stayed in and order LOTS of food (pizza, chik fil a nuggets, Olive Garden salad, fruit salad and lots of chips an salsa.) For dessert, we had mini petite-fours with K’s on them brought by one of the girls & we also had fun cookies made by another girl!

As for games, we played Groom Jeopardy. I asked the groom TONS of questions (hard & easy), divided them into categories, divided the girls up into teams and off we went! I asked a question and the groups had their “team leader,” raise a hand to answer. The group with the most points won!

This was SO fun to make. I bought everything at Hobby Lobby. 🙂

We also had Katelyn’s lingerie shower that night. She opened her gifts & we named each set something funny. At the end, we made her guess who gave her what. It was great lol

Saturday, we had a big breakfast & hit the river! The weather was PERFECT! After a few hours of floating, we went back to rest & ordered fajitas from a local Mexican restaurant.

That night we went to Gruene Hall & saw Dennis Quaid perform! Yes… Dennis Quaid sings. I didn’t know this either. He was super entertaining though lol.

You can’t see us but you can see Gruene!

We also gave Katelyn her scavenger hunt. 🙂

I googled and used pinterest for ideas, then I made my own. I found the paper and stickers all from Hobby Lobby. This was even more fun to make than the Jeopardy game! I covered up the things to do so our bride-to-be couldn’t see them yet… but it’s your typical bachelorette scavenger hunt. 🙂

We also did the popular “Kiss the Miss Goodbye,” frame. All the girls put on their favorite lipstick, kissed the frame and signed their name. A few days later, I used a sealer spray from Hobby Lobby to seal the lipstick before putting it back in the frame, along with a picture from that night. I gave it to her a few days later & she loved it! A perfect memory! I didn’t take a picture of the finished product, but it looked somewhat like this.

Overall, the weekend was a blast!! Love this girl soooo much & can’t wait for the wedding!  And now… to write my speech…  :))

Talk to you soon!



PS – My little brother is in Europe! I leave at the end of the month! Starting a little travel series soon for ya!

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